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We can help you create a strategy to protect what you can't afford to lose.

 Since we specialize in insurance, we can help you determine what you can't afford to lose and create a strategy to protect those things. We work with both individuals and small business group plans.

Life Insurance, Long term care health insurance, long term disability insurance, and health insurance can provide protection for unexpected life events.

Recent changes in life insurance products can help you provide traditional protection in addition to long term care protection and tax advantaged savings to be used whenever required.


Life Insurance, both term life insurance and permanent life insurance can provide money to cover survivor needs when death occurs.

  • Cash Value Insurance can also provide a tax advantaged asset for retirement planning.

  • Long Term Disability Insurance can replace earnings in case of a disability.

  • Long Term Care Insurance can protect our family assets from the drain of a long term illness.

As independent agents, we can provide you with what we believe is a best in class solution.

For more information or for a consultation, please call: (949) 788-1817.

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